About Me.


My ego's brought the whole photography craze into my life. I bought a camera in '99 so my friends could take quality pictures of me jumping bow legged tables on my BMX. 

With BMX came snowboarding. Then nature hit me hard so I started surfing and after I just got older and friendships got more serious; travelling became a passion. Somewhere on the way I started shooting Women; beauty, that is the easiest to find on Earth. Women. Sometimes I (we) also build dirt jumps and organise events. Or build motorbikes. I direct sport and motion related movies, commercials. Sometimes I just run around with a steadicam. I also love slow motion. I love the fact that it has the ability to show how detailed one movement can be... it feels like slow mo' in the air.

From '99 onwards I've come to feel the artist in myself. Earlier I found that there was no cheesier thing than to call myself an artist... nowadays I kind of love it. It's freedom from every aspects. 

If you want me to tell you who I am in one sentence... I'm a BMX rider from Budapest. 



Clients and Publishers:

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